A well earned rest.

So, the middle of August 2019. I am currently sat in my home on the Knoydart peninsula contemplating what has gone, and what is to come. I am here for 5 days, taking a break and resting a grumbling knee. Well, at times it has been screaming, but mostly grumbling.

People, it is people who are the key, and I guess this is one of the key messages of The Listening Walk. It is people who have made and are making this journey the life-changing event that it is becoming. It is life-changing for me on a personal level. New friendships forged, my belief in humanity firmly restored, some stunning scenery on these sceptred isles, and yes, I have lost a little weight and become healthier.

But the kindness of strangers, friends and family is truly life-changing to the people that will be supported through the Samaritans. The walk is raising awareness across the country. The most vulnerable, in their hour of greatest need will have access to another person 24 hours of every day.

We all have mental health, most can deal with it but any of us can at any time have ‘events’ happen to us. And it will be the love and kindness of other people who are the safety net to catch us when we fall. So many people have shared their experiences of lowest ebbs, times when they thought they would never be happy again. But their lives have been changed because somebody somewhere listened.

There is hope all around us. It is in the form of people. I have met hundreds and hundreds of these people. They are all around me…and you. Talk to them, just say hello. You never know when just saying hello is a life-changing event for someone. You have it inside you. Let it free and give it wings.

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  1. Hi David
    Your walk is an inspiration to anyone you either know or have met. Enjoy a well earned break and I hope your knee improves with that rest.
    I love reading your updates, they make for an inspiring read. You yourself are the source of much of it.
    Take care young man from a slightly older one!
    Currently enjoying a long awaited train tour around Switzerland, and at last seeing the Matterhorn-wow .
    Best wishes Bob taylor/John

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