Under Canvas

Great news! The tent finally arrived from America. I’ve had few tents over the years starting in my old Scout days when we had the classic style that you draw to signify a tent. Thick wooden poles, heavy canvas over. We used to camp every year on Guernsey, but after attending the World Scout Jamboree in Norway in 1975 my tent skills achieved new heights. Perfect ropes, pegs perfectly in line, immaculate angles.
Of course todays tents are a whole new ballgame. I chose this tent by a company called Big Agnes because it has more space inside (I’ll be in it a lot!) and it has the porch to store my gear at night. The other great advantage is that it weighs just over 2kg! Amazing for this space and spec.
This technology comes at a financial cost, but I’ve had some very generous help with this. Firstly Rob at Big Agnes (https://www.bigagnes.com) gave me 40% discount – thanks Rob!
Then just as it seemed the tent still might be a financial stretch too far Doncaster based Woodruff Hill Wealth Management who are a partner practice of St. James Place Wealth Management, stepped in and donated the rest of the money along with the shipping costs from the US! (https://www.woodruffhill.co.uk/index.html)
I’ve now had it up and down a few times and its getting easier and quicker. The design is brilliant. I had a few stormy nights in there too, but felt very comfortable and had a great nights sleep even through the howling wind.
I’ll blog more about the tent along my route, but for now I just wanted to thank my generous sponsors without whom this journey would never happen.
  1. Huge credit to Big Agnes and St James Place Wealth Management. Making a real difference to the vulnerable. Chapeau to both organisations!!

  2. Does it keep out the rain?

    1. So far yes ??

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